Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day of School!

Lelia's first day of preschool - age 4! 

Sedona's first day of preschool - age 2, almost 3! 

Teacher's first day of school - age 32!! 

One of thier first projects was learning about how God created the world.  Here they are pasting moon, sun and stars into the sky on thier "God's Creation" poster.  They are adding more to this as the days go by and they are loving every minute of it!
Lelia's Ariel was really fun to make but a huge challenge too.  Tons and tons of piping! 

Opening gifts from Papa. 

Dad brought breakfast over for us to celebrate!  I didn't get any more pictures of Lelia this birthday.  Maybe because we lost power due to a hurricane that ripped through Annapolis.  We ended up having her birthday dinner at a restaurant because of it.
Sedona's first dental appointment.  She was sooo good, I was really proud of her! 

My big helper!  They do the laundry!  Kind of :) 

My other big helper.  She helped me build a bookshelf for her room.  She did a great job and truely was a big help!! 

My first attempts at making a caramel cake.  It turned out really well, I was very surprised and pleased.

Our Unit Study On Esther

 We did a unit study on Queen Esther in the Bible.  The first morning I went in thier room and told them it was time for Esther to be taken to the palace of the king.

Then I fed them breakfast because Esther was fed very well at the palace. 

On another day we did a full morning of beauty treatments.  We polished our nails and used fine lotions on our hands and we got all dressed up to meet the king. 

The girls did some coloring of different scenes from the story. 

We had some friends over to make crowns to signify Esther getting chosen to be the next queen. 

Finally we had a great feast to celebrate to new queen just as they did in the book of Esther.  We wore our crowns and our finest clothes for the feast.

Queen Esther at the feast. 

Also Queen Esther at the feast.  It was such a fun week and the girls just loved each day and activity we did to learn about Queen Esther, the women who single handedly saved the Israelites from destruction.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Random July / August Shots

Duck-duck-goose with Lilly and Maggie, daughters of a man who lives in our building. 

Building and playing in Noah's Arc. 

Everyone wearing an article of mommy's clothing.  LOL! 

We were invited to go to 6 Flags for free with Izora and Brayden who have season tickets.  The girls had so much fun!  I can't wait to take them back to a place like this.

Other June/July Pics

Megan Gott and I thought baby Dylan was sleeping and when we went into check on him this is what we found...a party going on! 

Tom's car after my wreck...not a pretty picture! 

Went to a concert at Maryland Hall with Uma. 

Sedona cut her own hair! 

Breakfast with Papa!

Lelia's First VBS!

Jill and Jeremy's Wedding Weekend

The love-birds 2 nights before the wedding. 

Rob and Bob sword fighting with sticks?! 

The bride and her nephew, Isaac. 

Rob squeezing into his back brace from college...he's still got it! 

Just barely! 

 Papa Toomey and all 4 of his grandkids.

Jeremy's sister, Jaime and her daughter Carrie. 


The bridesmaids boat ride the day before the wedding. 

Wedding morning, reading a note from her love and trying not to cry! 

The twins.